Mapping Identity Project

Mapping Identity Trailer from Ibrahim Karci on Vimeo.

Kurhaus Kleve Tips

Go to 

  1. First, accept the regulations and choose the free plan if it is asked.
  2. Add your files either directly from your phone or from your computer but make sure that you are uploading the original high-resolution video files. Most of the time they are in the Gallery of the phone but it might change depending on the Brand. 
  3. Put my e-mail address to the “e-mail to” box and your e-mail address to “your email” box.  You can add as many e-mails as you wish.
  4. Write the date of shooting to the message box and click transfer.
  5. Don’t close the page until the uploading is finished. (until you see %100)
  6. You will receive an e-mail when I download your data.

Please keep in mind that I will be more than happy to assist if you have any confusion or further questions and I really don’t mind to come to the museum each time after the shoots to collect the videos in case you don’t want to go through this uploading process.

You can both contact me personally by e-mail or Whatsapp to ask anything or we can even arrange half day workshop and I can go through all of those hands-on training.

I will try to update you on this page about the post-production process.

And below there are 2 inspirational films shot entirely on mobile phones! Check them!